Nursery is the culmination of a body of work that seeks to interrogate my family’s nursery business through photographic art practice. Using a combination of portraits of family members and interior views, the work explores the hard to define yet very specific area where the discourses of family and business meet; often resulting in an indistinct and blurred boundary between the two. The pragmatic space of the nursery is here reconfigured as a stage onto which personal aspects of loss, hope, expectation and memory become projected.

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Keepsakes is a work that deals with photography and memory. Using personal family ephemera and photographs I am attempting to question the relationship between family archives and any actuality of the past. The pairing of images is designed to create visual links, encouraging narratives that may, or may not be imaginary. The work brings to light how these photographs and objects merely act as a space and location for memory traces and how these might reveal as much about the viewers’ own experiences as any specific family history.

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Outside In

This work explores states of mind and the act of looking through screens. It’s not specifically locatable in time or place, but offers us the ability to be both inside and outside of what we see – alluding to the workings of memory.

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The Ridgeway Series

This series is a commissioned piece, supported by Arts Council England. The Ridgeway series was inspired by the landscape work of Fay Godwin, whose extensive relationship with The Ridgeway inspired her first book ‘The Oldest Road’. Whilst retaining Godwin’s sense of drama and atmosphere, these starkly minimal compositions provide a re- imagining of these Neolithic stones and together with bold use of colour, serves to rejuvenate this area’s unique relationship with photography, history and landscape.

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Down the Lane

These photographs form part of a larger series and bookwork entitled ‘Down the Lane’.  The project documents a particular cul-de-sac of Salisbury in the South of England renowned for the longevity and long term nature of its residents. The various characters who live ‘Down the Lane’ are pictured posing self consciously for the camera encapsulated in their own environments. The resulting images provide both a document of a place seemingly trapped in time and an affectionate yet not entirely comfortable portrait of Britishness.

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Bangladeshi Community Portraits

This series was commissioned by Arts Charity ‘Circular Arts’ and supported by Arts Council England. The project was created in order to further involve local people in understanding the many different cultures and societies which contribute to the wider community within the area of Salisbury.

Photographs from the series have been exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery and The British Film Institute, London. Portraits from the series received recognition as part of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize and Photojournalism Awards at the BIPP Professional Photography Awards.

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